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Creating an agent in Hot Property 1.0

Creating an agent in Hot Property 1.0 Hot Property by default allows you to assign Registered user as an agent in Hot Property. If you want to allow higher level users such as Author or Publishers to be an agent, you can change this in Hot Property's Configuration. Here are the instructions for creating a user account with access to Hot Property's agents functionality in front-end.

Step 1: Creating a Registered User

  1. Login to the administrator back-end
  2. Go to "Site -> User Manager"
  3. Create a new user by clicking the 'New' icon
  4. Fill in the Name, Username, E-mail and Password fields
  5. Check that the selected Group is 'Registered'
  6. Click the 'Save' icon

Step 2: Assigning Login to Hot Property Agent

  1. Go to: Components -> Hot Property
  2. Click "+ Add Agent"
  3. Fill in all the details
  4. In the 'User' field, select the user you've created in previous step
  5. Click the 'Save' icon
Now you can use the new user's login to log on your website and submit new property through the Agent Menu module.
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