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Upgrading from 1.0 Beta to 1.0.2

Notice: If you are upgrading from 1.0 Beta 4 or earlier, Hot Property 1.0.2 includes a complete revamped of front-end's output. If you have customized layout in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4 or earlier, your template customization will be removed during the upgrade and replaced with the new one.

For users who has done extensive changes on Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4 or earlier, performing this upgrade will require you to re-do all the changes with the new layout in Hot Property 1.0.2. We do not recommend you to upgrade if your site is running on a production website and do not wish to redo all the template customization. If you're planning to proceed with this upgrade, it's strongly advised to stage the upgrade first on localhost before doing it on the actual production website.

This article explains how to perform an ugrade from Hot Property 1.0 beta 4 or earlier on Joomla! 1.5.x to Hot Property 1.0.2.

  1. Connect to your site's FTP server and browse to your Joomla's root directory. This is usually named public_html or httpdoc.
  2. Delete all files and directories in these 3 locations. At the end of this step, you should have the following 3 directories empty without any files or directories:
  3. Extract the Hot Property package ( to your computer. This will create a new folder on your computer with a folder named com_hotproperty-1.0.2.
  4. You will find 4 folders and 1 file from your extraction - administrator, components, language, media and hotproperty.xml. Upload all 4 folders to root of your Joomla website. These 4 folders maps directly to your Joomla's files structure, so all the files from the 4 folders will be uploaded to the correct destinations.

  5. Upload /hotproperty.xml to /administrator/components/com_hotproperty/
  6. Delete noimage_agent.png, noimage_company.png, noimage_std.png and noimage_thb.png from your server's /media/com_hotproperty/images
  7. Upload noimage_agent.png, noimage_company.png and noimage_thb.png from /media/images to your server's /media/com_hotproperty/images
  8. Install and Publish these 2 plugins - Mosets Framework plugin ( and Hot Property's gallery plugin ( These 2 plugins are required to run Hot Property.
  9. All modules have been updated since 1.0 Beta. If you're using any modules from 1.0 Beta series, the easiest way to upgrade your modules would be to uninstall your existing Hot Property module and reinstall the modules from 1.0.2. Same applies to Hot Property's Search and User plugin.
  10. Once you have completed all the steps above, go to Hot Property's back-end and click on Settings. Review all the default settings and click Save.
  11. Your update is complete!
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