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Upgrading from 1.0 RC1 or later to 1.0.2

There are 3 extensions that have been updated since 1.0 RC1:

  1. com_hotproperty-1.0.2.tar.gz

To upgrade to Hot Property 1.0.2, login to your site's back-end and go to:


Click the "Plugins" and uninstall "Mosets - Framework". Once the uninstall is complete, install the 3 extensions listed above. This will overwrite all Hot Property files with the latest version and install a new version of Mosets framework.

This upgrade process will not affect your existing data.

Plugins and Modules

Hot Property's modules and plugins that are not listed above have not been changed since 1.0RC1. The only changes are their version numbering.

If you wish to update these extensions, just install it through Joomla's Installer. This will overwrite your modules and plugins file while keeping your configurations.

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