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Creating two or more directories with Mosets Tree 2

Mosets Tree 2 is built to work as a single directory without specific support for multiple directories. But with some customizations, you can workaround this restriction by making use of one of Mosets Tree's features that allows you to assign an Index template to your categories.

Assigning template to categories

Assigning a template to your categories will cause them display like a separate directory and if your template are unique enough, they will appear separate to each other due to their styles and layout. You can see a working sample of this in our demo: To assign a template to your category:
  1. Login to your site's back-end.
  2. Go to Mosets Tree and edit any one of your category that you want to be made a 'directory'.
  3. Once you have loaded the "Edit Category" page, look for "Template" option on the right hand side of your page, under "Publishing Info" pane. Change it from "Default" to another template that you have installed in Mosets Tree. If you do not have any, you can make a copy based on the default template, M2.
  4. Set "Yes" to "Use Main Index template page for this category".
  5. Click "Save" on top of the page.

Customizing Add Listing form

Fields created and published in Mosets Tree will be made available to all categories. If you want only a subset of fields to appear in certain category's add listing form, you can use M2Calf's page_addListing.tpl.php template page to do this. This template page allow you to specify which category a custom field will appear. Read more from the forum thread for more information on the template's usage.

Tips: You can upload M2Calf's page_addListing.tpl.php template page to your existing Mosets Tree template to have a customize Add Listing form.

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