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Installing Mosets Tree

Installation of Mosets Tree is similar to other Joomla! extensions. First, please make sure you have satisfied the following requirements:

  • Apache 1.x or 2.x
  • Joomla! 1.0.13

Go to your site's Administrator back-end:

  1. Go to "Installers -> Components"
  2. Select "Upload Package File"
  3. Choose ""
  4. And finally press "Upload File"

Once your installation is successful, you will be greeted with the Mosets Tree logo. Click 'Run Mosets Tree now!' and you will be redirected to Mosets Tree back-end.


Please make sure you publish the Mosets Tree component at the 'Main Menu', to allow your visitors to access the directory.

  1. Menu -> mainmenu
  2. Click 'New' button
  3. Click 'Component'
  4. Fill in the 'Name' field and select 'Mosets Tree' component.
  5. Save and publish it.

You have a link under the main menu in your homepage now.

Installing Modules

Next, you need to install the Site Modules. To install all the 14 Site Modules:

  1. Installers -> Modules
  2. Select "Upload Package File"
  3. Choose mod_mt_*.zip
  4. Press Upload File.

To start using any of the Site Modules, simply publish the module at the Module Manager:

  1. Modules -> Site Modules

and it will be shown in your Joomla website. Most Mosets Tree modules comes with parameters which enables you to configure how a module behave. You can see each module's parameter setting when you edit a module.

Installing Templates

To install the Bluetree Site Template:

  1. Installers -> Templates - Site
  2. Select "Upload Package File"
  3. Choose ""
  4. Press "Upload File & Install"
  5. If installation is successful, click "Continue".
  6. Select the Mosets Bluetree template and make it default.



By now you have a fully working directory system for Joomla!

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