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Installing MT Importer

MT Importer is an import tool that imports all categories and listings data from CSV formatted data, mosDirectory 2.2x, Gossamer Links and Joomla!'s content. You must be running Mosets Tree 2.0x in order to use MT Importer 2.0.


Installation of MT Importer is similar to other component's installation in Joomla. Once you're in the Administrator back-end:
  1. Goto "Installers -> Components"
  2. Select "Upload Package File"
  3. Choose ""
  4. And finally press "Upload File"
Once you have completed the installation, click "Import data from a .csv file", "Import data from mosDirectory 2.2x", "Import data from Joomla's Section/Category/Content" or "Import data from Gossamer Links" depending on the type of import you wish to perform. The component will guide you through the rest of the process. Please make sure you have back up the database before using MT Importer.

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