What's New in 3.0


Real estate listings. Business directory. Web links directory. Articles repository. Models profiles. Mosets Tree 3.0's new support for top level category's configuration allows you to create and manage multiple type of directories on your Joomla site with just a single Mosets Tree installation. Mosets Tree 3.0's Category Association

Category Association

Category association allows you to create "is a member of" relationship with an associated category. For example, a "Persons" category can be associated with "Companies" category. In such association, listings created under "Persons" category will have an option to associate itself with one of the listings listed under "Companies" category.

This essentially opens up a completely new way for you to organize your listings in Mosets Tree and associate them between 2 listings. Are you listing businesses with products? Real estate properties with realty companies? Travel tours with attractions? Now you can associate them with ease. Mosets Tree 3.0's All Listings & Filter

All Listings

Browsing listings is now even more flexible. In addition to the classic 'View Category' that shows listings from a category, the new 'All Listings' page allows you to show all listings from that category and its sub categories. Less clicking and see more listings.


While in 'All Listings page, there is an option that allows you to filter the listings to quickly find the listing you are looking. It's never been easier to search for a listing in Mosets Tree.

User Profile

User Profile Picture, built in. Give your user an identity more than just a username. Together with Joomla's User Profile support, Mosets Profile Picture allows your user to upload a profile picture to their account. When enabled, the profile picture and their profile details will be shown in listing details page.

Module Assignment Options

Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed. For example, you can assign an MT module to only appear in a single top level category while being hidden in others; or show a module in category or listing pages only; or both; or only show a MT module when a user is viewing a listing page inside selected top level categories.

And more!

New Field Types: Terms & Conditions, Vanity URL, Captcha, Category, Associated Listing, Listing ID, Directory and Text Editor.

Improved Add Listing Workflow: Forms are updated on the fly when changing to a top level category that has different custom fields assigned to it. Server side validation, including CAPTCHA support and improve client side validation that provides inline validation. Multiple image upload. Minimum image dimension requirement.

Custom Fields: Default value. Assignable to specific top level categories. New front-end pages to browse taggable values.

Menu Item Types: Native support for menu item type allows you to create menu item that links to most Mosets Tree pages. Tree.

SEF URLs: New slug type - 'Link ID & Alias Hybrid'.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Schema.org is supported in Listing Ratings (AggregateRating), Review Ratings (Rating), Listings (Thing) and Reviews (Review). New Open Graph Protocol support.

Categories: Custom ordering

Misc: List alpha now supports non-latin character. Fast Add categories. New 'All Categories' page. Option to show top listings in Index page. Option to show User Profile or Contact form in details page. Support for top level category specific language strings. Rebuild thumbnails. Import Images. MT Importer now will create custom fields for columns that are not assigned to any pre-existing fields.


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