Key Features in Mosets Tree

Custom Fields and Extensible Field Types

Never be limited by custom fields again. With the default set of field types that comes with Mosets Tree, you can create almost any type of custom fields fit for any directory. Each custom field is highly configurable with some field types giving additional options to configure their behaviour.

If you need more field types, you can create custom field types with our built in support for custom and installable field types.



There are more ways to organize your information through the use of Tag. A taggable custom field allows you to organize your information using keywords separated by commas. Tags shown in listings are clickable which will list all listings having the same tag. You can also drill up from a Tag page to view all tags from a custom field, and drill up another level to view all taggable custom fields - giving your users a whole new way to browse your directory.

Images, Files, Audio and Youtube Support

You can upload any number of images to a listing. In addition to image support, you can also upload supported audio file where your visitor can listen to it with the built in audio player. If you wan to showcase a video, just use the Youtube field type. Enter a Youtube video link and Mosets Tree will display the Youtube video player inside your listing page.

That's not all, you can create fields based on the File field type, upload any files to listings and offer them as download to your visitors.

Multi Category

Some listings are not meant to be limited to just one category. With Mosets Tree, you can assign a listing to two or more categories. Maintain just a single copy of a listing and you can have it appear in multiple categories. Easy for your users to find and discover listings and even easier for listing owner to maintain their listings. Rating Stars

Ratings, Reviews and Favourites

Like a listing? Your users can favourite it, or give it 5-stars rating. If your users are feeling chatty, they can submit their raving reviews to listings. Other readers in turn can provide feedback to reviews by clicking on "Helpful" or "Not Helpful" link to indicate a review's helpfulness. On the other hand, as a listing owner, they have the ability to reply to reviews made to their listings.

User Profile

Each users on your site will have a user page that show all their listings, reviews and favoured listings. With the use of Profile Picture plugin and Joomla's User Profile plugin, your users can upload profile picture and show more information about them in their profile page. View demo.


Mosets Tree comes with a default Kinabalu template with up to 7 listing details style and various configurable options to customize the template. If you need more customizability, make a copy of of the default template and make changes to your new template. All done through Mosets Tree's back-end interface. Google Maps

Native Google Maps Support

There is even more reason to let Mosets Tree manage your geographical based data. Enter a business address and press "Locate in map". Mosets Tree will geocode the address and place a marker on the map. If you have an existing set of addresses, Mosets Tree can geocode all the addresses in a single interface with Mass Geocoding. View demo.

Spy Directory

Ever wonder which users has voted on a listing? How about the feeling that a listing owner is trying vote their listing from different accounts? Mosets Tree comes with an innovative feature called Spy Directory which allows you to view all activities that are going on in Mosets Tree. Activities can be viewed by listings or users. There is also a built-in tool to display potential clones and subsequently remove all votes, reviews and listings from clones. View demo. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Turn on Joomla Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla's Configuration and Mosets Tree will generate SEF URLs for your directory. Mosets Tree has native support for Joomla's Core SEF URL, so you don't need to install additional SEF extension. Header tags are used in categories and listings names. META Description are intelligently generated for your listings so that search engine will use the most appropriate description in their Search Engine Result Page(SERP). All this enables the information in your directory easily accessible to any search engine.


Modules and Search Plugins

Included with Mosets Tree is 16 modules and search plugins developed specifically for your directory. Among the plugins are Mosets Tree Search plugins and Finder plugins, which enables your Joomla's Search and Smart Search to return results from Mosets Tree's listings.


Mosets Tree can be configured to use other language. Simply translate the English language file and you're set to go.

Joomla! 3 native compatibility

Joomla! 3 nativeJoomla Mosets Tree runs on Joomla! 3 natively. Full Speed with native caching support, which means your site runs faster than ever.

Open Source

Licensed under GNU GPL version 2, Mosets Tree gives you the freedom to use, study and modify it. Full source codes. No proprietary license terms or restrictions to be worried about.

Mosets Tree

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