We have ceased the development and sale of Hot Property as of 25 March 2013. Looking for a real estate script? Take a look at Mosets Tree - a multi directory extension for Joomla that allows you to create and manage real estate listings and more.
Key Features in Hot Property

Property management

Publish your properties to the web easily. You have options to publish a property immediately or set it for scheduled publishing. Once the property is not available you may delete it from the website or archive it for future reference.

Extra Fields

Extra Fields lets you add unlimited number of data fields to your property. The Extra Field types includes Drop Down Box, One Line Textbox, Multi Line Textbox, Multiple Select List, Check box, Radio Box and Web Link. This way you can create and customize what information to show in your website. You can also create an hidden field so that you can store notes and information about your property for internal use.

Unlimited Photo Attachments

Attaching photo with Hot Property is easy. Upload the photo from your computer and Hot Property will take care the rest. Photos will be automagically resized and thumbnailed!

Advanced Search Engine

Quickly let your visitor search what they want. Hot Property's Advanced Search Engine allows you to customize the search form and decide what are the searchable fields.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hot Property has been optimized to work with search engine. It supports META tags and search engine friendly URLs.

Report Generating Tools

Select the information you wish to view in your report and Hot Property will generate it. You can also export these information to CSV format and manipulate it with any spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Company & Agent

Extending the functionality of merely managing property, Hot Property allows you to set ownership of a property to any Agent. A Company consists of many Agents and an Agent can have numbers of property. If you have no use for this feature, you can disable it.

Let Agent manage their own properties

Hot Property allows you to assign usernames to Agents. Once this is done, he can log in and manage his own property in the website. Now you can sit back and let the Agents manage the properties. Hot Property includes a hack to auto assign Agent status to all newly registered user.

Approval System

Any new submission of property from Agent will go through an Approval Process. Newly submitted property will appear in the back-end and it will not be published to the website until you Approve it.

Language support

Hot Property by default comes with English language file, but you can translate the language file to any other languages for your own use. All texts in front and back-end is translatable.

Change the theme easily

Hot Property's theme can be changed easily by editing a single CSS file. If you need to change the color, size or any attributes, just look for the particular defination.

Hot Property Guide

Hot Property Guide (HPG) is a setup assistance program. Once you have finish the installation of Hot Property, HPG will take over and advise you steps by steps to configure Hot Property all the way to adding your first property to the website.

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