We have ceased the development and sale of Hot Property as of 25 March 2013. Looking for a real estate script? Take a look at Mosets Tree - a multi directory extension for Joomla that allows you to create and manage real estate listings and more.
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French Holiday Directory This is quite literally, one of the greatest pieces of Joomla! component engineering I have seen. If it wasn’t featured packed enough straight out of the box, the extras and add-ons available are simply amazing. Hot Property has transformed my rentals site into a professional listings directory with many users and clients. I am definitely going to buy further licenses to expand my web empire. The service Mosets provide is quick and above all, efficient. I thoroughly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed!

— Rikki Pitt, French Holiday Directory

West7th Web Design and Development I am very impressed with this component. I've known about it for awhile but never had a client that needed it. Installation was simple, setup went quick and loading properties was a breeze. Using the Hot Properties component, I was able to have the site planned and build to completion within 72 hours. Wow! Highly recommended!

— Marc Trimble, West7th Design and Development for RENT Property Management

The Car StoryWith the help of HP, the not so tech savvy 50+ years old client can handle it with ease and confidence! It sure makes my job simpler and easier, freeing more time and space for more future Mambo/HP based projects!

I highly recommends HP to anyone and it really works! The support of the development team puts some big brothers to shame! More importantly, HP is not restricted to Property based sites, so long there's a need for a category, product info, images ... HP can fit the bill well!

— Clarence Soh, lostcommunications

Koh Phangan Awesome program! I've purchased Hot Property to build a website for a customer who wanted a online booking website for resorts on the Thailand island Koh Phangan. Hot Property is exactly what I needed and with a little bit of tweaking to the PHP code it was easy to customize the layout a bit more to our needs. In similar future projects, Hot Property will be my first choice.

Keep up the good work!

— Marcel, Koh Phangan Accommodation Guide

Koh Phangan Delighted with how easy it was to install Hot Property and the excellent support provided by Lee while I was starting out. Visit my site to see Hot Property in operation together with Flash Slider hack. Both products are well worth the small price that they cost compared to the number of hours development time that they saved me. A no-brainer cost/benefit analysis!

— Maurice Crockard, Bulgarian Village Homes

I am using both Hot Properties and Mosets Tree Components in my websites. I have to say that customer support is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to commercially developed Joomla! Components. Mosets is extraordinary in both performance of their components and customer support.

— Jim, Joomla Unlimited

Can you say, simplicity? I easily had my directory setup and within minutes was already adding listings and featuring others. The administrator interface is friendly and easy to use, and I high recommend anyone to try this product for review sites, directories, or classifieds any day! Thanks again Mosets for another great quality component.

— Steve Castaneda

We bought a licence about two days ago. Really good work and well worth the money. I have been around the Real Estate web building business for the last 5 years and have been building interfaces for some time to update properties for me and my clients. Many of the other packages out there such as Open Realty and all its variants as well as Realty Manager using asp.NET technology pale into comparison with the ease of use of your component!

— Pilar Vidueira

I am a convert. Three months ago I didn't know a thing about Mambo/MySQL/PHP, today, I have four sites up and have earnt a damned good fee doing it. It has opened a new market for me and has not interferred with any of my existing products or services. WELL DONE MOSETS You have a client for as long as you want to do this.

— Tony Benci, Smiths of Geelong

Well I would have to say that I have had hot property for 2 weeks now and it has by far exceeded my expections. This package is a credit to you guys and the level of support I have had has been punctual and on the mark. Although not using it for real estate (more of a tour and accommodation db) the interface is intuitive and the documentation very good.


The Mosets component is top notch. It is targeted towards either cars or real estate, but could easily be used for anything. I paid $119 US dollars and have a few more sites that I am doing that I will pay for it again to use on those sites. The support is excellent, and every question or problem I had was solved either within the day or the next day. File uploads works great and you can customize the fields to whatever you want.

Well done!


Just wanted to congratulate you on your Hot Property, we purchased it a few weeks ago, and we are finding extremely easy to use, its full featured modules are allowing us to be very creative in our development.

— Matthew Calpakis

#1, you should buy it if you have a use for it.

#2 In my opinion, dknight is the most hands-on, helpful, and easy-to-deal with person in the whole commercial component community. No one can even touch his support and helpful attitude. Not to say the others are bad, but MOSETS has great products backed by UNBEATABLE support.

I've never regretted my Hot Property purchase!


This thing is so well done! I am completely amazed that you have done such a good job! I am very pleased. I am banging around with HP and looking for how it applies to my needs and thus far, it has adapted to every choice I make. Thank you.

—Chad Spicer

I just would like to tell you that I’m truly impressed with your product and dedication to customer service. It is hard to find those combination nowadays. Just would,like to wish you and your products the best of luck !!!

— Ely Carrillo

We just bought HotProperty a few days ago. I am very impressed with the product. It works extremely well and is very clear and easy to use. I think it stands head and shoulders above not only other real estate applications, but other Mambo components as well. Thanks!

— Alex, Commspot

I would not hesitate to purchase as many licenses as necessary because of the great piece of software, and the support, thanks, extremely happy!

— Rodney

Hot Property is AWESOME! I have successfully launched my website, and getting great reviews.


Thanx a lot for your kind help and quick response. Super service!


This looks so good, you guys are excellent!

—Dave Robinson, Scotweb.com Ltd

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