Client Testimonials
Written by CY   
Wednesday, 20 October 2004
The Mosets component is top notch. It is targeted towards either cars or real estate, but could easily be used for anything. I paid $119 US dollars and have a few more sites that I am doing that I will pay for it again to use on those sites. The support is excellent, and every question or problem I had was solved either within the day or the next day. File uploads works great and you can customize the fields to whatever you want.

Well done!


#1, you should buy it if you have a use for it.

#2 In my opinion, dknight is the most hands-on, helpful, and easy-to-deal with person in the whole commercial component community. No one can even touch his support and helpful attitude. Not to say the others are bad, but MOSETS has great products backed by UNBEATABLE support.

I've never regretted my Hot Property purchase!


This thing is so well done! I am completely amazed that you have done such a good job! I am very pleased. I am banging around with HP and looking for how it applies to my needs and thus far, it has adapted to every choice I make. Thank you.

Chad Spicer

just purchased your hot property component and want to thank you for a job well done!!

Lee Jiing
a very very satisfied customer!!