Andrew Eddie: So Really, what is the difference between Joomla and Mambo?
Written by CY   
Saturday, 15 April 2006
Andrew Eddie, the director of Joomla project wrote an informative article about the difference between Joomla and Mambo. He also explains the early history of Mambo.

From the article: "Even after this brief comparison, it could still be difficult to choose. It you are after features in the out-of-the-box download, toss a coin – really! If you are looking for slicker eye candy then Joomla! wins hands-down. If you are after reliability and stability then I believe Joomla! is better for you. Your decision though may simply come down to the fact that there is an extension for Joomla! but not Mambo (or that doesn’t work on Mambo). Joomla! is also supported by some of the most famous supporters and advocates of the Open Source movement."