Mosets Documentation
Written by CY   
Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Throughout the years we aim to create a powerful yet easy to use directory for everyday Joomla webmaster. This, together with our exceptional support and ever growing Mosets Help site, we help our users to get started with Mosets Tree and explore its possibilities quickly.

As Mosets Tree's feature set grows, we realized the increasing need for an official documentation to host and document many of Mosets Tree features and best practises.

Therefore today, we are excited to announce the launch of Mosets Documentation site. We are starting with many of the core Mosets Tree features and will be adding more in the future. Want to learn how to set up a multi-directory? How about making the most out of Mosets Tree's flexible template? Or you just want to learn what some of the configuration really do. We have got them all covered!

We set to create a documentation site with clear and concise information for Mosets Tree. Throughout the docs, you will see links to Mosets Tree demo to show case specific features. It also has sections with Q&As that gives you quick answer to some of the commonly asked questions.

The documentation's content are hosted at Github. Feel free to contribute by submitting a pull request!