Hot Property and Mambo 4.5
Written by CY   
Tuesday, 12 October 2004
Starting with Hot Property 0.94, Mosets will only be supporting the latest version of Mambo to take advantage of the new and improved features introduced in Mambo 4.5.1. Existing clients who is using 0.93 can choose not to upgrade to 0.94 since the latest version is released to support some of the new features in 4.5.1, ie: Caching, Dynamic title, META tags, SEF Advanced, searchbot and some other minor improvement to the modules and currency support.

We understand that some of our clients are still using Mambo 4.5 (1.0.9) while waiting for Mambo 4.5.1 to be totally bug free before upgrading their live site to the latest version. Therefore, you can choose to continue using Hot Property 0.93 until the Mambo team release new version to address all the bugs.

All new clients will still receive Hot Property 0.94. 0.93 will only be sent to upon request.