Mosets Priority Support
Written by CY   
Friday, 04 July 2008
Here's one thing that most commercial developer struggle with - Handling support e-mails and having enough time to spend on development. Since our inception, we have responded to thousands of support e-mails to our users. When you send an e-mail either through Contact Us or to our support e-mail, we respond with answers, solutions or just point you to the right direction. We don't check if you're a licensed user because we trust most of you would have purchased a licese before sending a support e-mail. Even when users have exceeded their 12 months support contract, we continue supporting them.

But recently, there are increased number of users using unlicensed copy of our extensions asking for support through our support e-mail and forum and we think we need to put a stop to this.

Starting from today, we're opening up a forum called Mosets Priority Support in Mosets Forum. This is different from other forum because this is accessible only to licensed users and post created here is visible to the user him/herself and Mosets staff. Here's an instruction on how you can upgrade your existing forum account or create a new one.Mosets Priority Support will be the only official support area for Mosets products.

eSupport will slowly be phased out and notices will be sent to anyone who attempts to ask for support through that.

We hope with this, we can provide better and faster support to our users.