Good Bye Hot Property. Hello Mosets Tree 3.
Written by CY   
Monday, 25 March 2013
When I first introduce Hot Property in May 2004, it was an attempt to create an extension for Mambo CMS to allow developers and real estate agents to quickly and easily create and run a real estate websites. It has since enabled creation of thousands of websites based on Hot Property to showcase, not only real estate, but others such as autos, boats, business listings, profiles and many more.

In 2005, I introduced Mosets Tree to take on the directory space by offering a suite of flexible extensions to enable Joomla websites to run any type of directory. Directories that helps Joomla webmaster to organize any type of information that is fast, customizable and easily discovarable by users looking for the information they want.

With the release of Mosets Tree 3, we have taken some of the most popular features from Hot Property and introduce them to Mosets Tree. These includes, but not limited to:

  • Category Association: Allows user to assign a listing to another listing from another category. This essentially allow (for example) a property to be assigned to a real estate company.
  • User Profile: Listings can optionally include a user profile below a listing details page that shows the listing's owner profile. If you are building a real estate website, you can use this feature to show an agent profile with a brief information and ways to contact the agent.
  • Filter: This is an module that can be configured with a set of searchable fields to allow your users to quickly find the property they are looking for.
Using Mosets Tree for your real estate website also means that you'll get to use the rest of Mosets Tree 3 featureset, such as maps, reviews and attachments support. Plus, with the new multi-directory support in Mosets Tree 3, you can run a real estate listings and other type of directories simultaneously with a single instance of Mosets Tree running on your Joomla website. Visit the Properties category on our demo site for a live demo, on how you can use Mosets Tree for your real estate website.

With the merger of Hot Property features in to Mosets Tree 3 now complete, I today announce that Hot Property sales and development will cease as of today, 25 March 2013. All active Hot Property subscriber's support service will be honoured and be available until the end of the subscription period (12 months from the start of subscription).

If you have purchased Hot Property in the last 12 months, a new subscription for Mosets Tree has been credited to your Mosets account. You can login to your Mosets account at to download and start using it on your Joomla website if you choose to.

Thank you all who has supported and recommended Hot Property all these years. If you have any questions about this or plan to migrate to Mosets Tree from Hot Property, drop me a line and I will assist you in the best possible way.