Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4 released
Written by CY   
Thursday, 25 December 2008
It's been in development for sometime now and Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4 is now available for download now.

In Beta 4, we have improved a lot of things under the hood by completely rewriting the back-end and at the same time we have been working on a new Hot Property framework . This will pave way for faster development in the future for 1.x series. Much of the work in Beta 4 is in the framework itself. The interface structure remains intact but we have polished it by taking advantage of Joomla! 1.5 styles.

Read on for more new features in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

  • Polished back-end interface

    Here's the new look of Property Manager, the first screen you see whenever you access Hot Property's back-end. Property Manager in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

    Most screens in back-end that list information in a tabular form have an added capability to sort the list based on available columns. If you look at the screenshot above, you'll see that it is currently sorted by 'Name' while the rest of the columns that appears in blue are sortable when clicked.

  • Improved Edit Property screen

    Edit Property screen in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

    We've reorganized the layout in Edit Property screen to group related fields together. Photos Manager in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

    Photos Manager has also received an update. We are doing away with iframes and integrate the upload form within the same page. So now you can enter and property and upload photos at the same page without saving first.

  • Improved Edit Extrafields screen

    Edit Property screen in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

    Again, we've improved the layout in Edit Extrafields screen to use the new Joomla! 1.5 styles and better use of screen's estate.

  • Multiple editing

    If you look closely at the previous screenshots, you'll notice the screen is showing 2 fields at the same time. The new Hot Property framework allows you to do that with all editable items in back-end - properties, fields, companies, agents and types. This could save hours of work when you need to edit multiple properties. Now you can do it with a single edit.

  • Tooltips and on screen field validation

    Tooltips and on screen field validation in Hot Property 1.0 Beta 4

    We've added a whole bunch of tooltips in places where it needs explaination. If you're seeing an option and you wonder what it does, just hover your mouse over to the field's caption. It probably has a tooltip explaining its function. In back-end's forms, when you fail to fill in a required field, the new javascript validation will highlight the field in red and scroll your screen to that field.

As always, the beta is available to all active Hot Property subscribers. You can download Hot Property Beta 4 by logging in to your account at and click on your Hot Property's license number. The download links and install instruction is available right below the main Hot Property 0.98 release.