Coming soon: Mosets Tree 3
Written by CY   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012
I'm excited to share with you today that I'm nearing completion of Mosets Tree 3, featuring some of the most requested features by our users.

Among the major new features that will be introduced in this version is the ability to assign custom fields to top level categories. This allows you to create unique Add/Edit Listing form that accepts different type listings. As a results of this, top level categories can be set up as directories, enabling you to create unlimited directories through a single instance of Mosets Tree. Each top level categories can have its own configuration, giving you complete control on how they work and display to your needs.

This version will also features Filter. Filter gives you to convenience of choosing or entering a criteria and quickly get the results on the same page. In practice, this speeds up the time spent by your users looking for certain listings.

There are many more improvements (Captcha, new fieldtypes, MT menu types, categories & listings association and more!) that I will be documenting here once Mosets Tree 3 is released.

Beta testers needed

In the coming weeks, beta version of Mosets Tree 3 will be made available to beta testers. If you would like to be part of the beta testing team, login to Mosets forum, go to Group Membership and join the "Mosets Tree 3.0 Beta Testers" User Group. There will be a private forum where the beta version will be made available for download once it is ready.

Mosets Tree 3 will be natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and will released before the end of the year.