Mobile friendly website with Mosets Tree and JSN Mobilize
Written by CY   
Monday, 17 March 2014
JSN Mobilize Since the release of Mosets Tree 3.5, our users have been able to create directories that looks great on mobile website. Mosets Tree 3.5 uses responsive design, which means its layout adapts to your screen sizes, be it desktop, tablet or your mobile phone.

However, to fully take advantage of Mosets Tree's responsive design, your Joomla site template should use responsive design too. This is when Mosets Tree works hand in hand with your template to present its layout in different screen sizes. But what if your site template is not mobile friendly to start with?

Fret not! Today, we're happy to announce a tool called JSN Mobilize, from our new partner, JoomlaShine. JSN Mobilize not only solve this problem but completely redefines how you can create a mobile-friendly version of your website, easily.

  • Multiple OS support: Equipped with advanced device detection mechanisms, JSN Mobilize can quickly detect which device visitors are using and provide the prepared profile.
  • Enhanced speed load: JSN Mobilize has advanced image optimization and powerful CSS/JS minify function. So the loading time is faster and visitors can feel more comfortable when reading your site.
  • Intuitive drag-n-drop operation: JSN Mobilize allows you to organize all the appeared elements more visually and easily.
  • Live preview: When you have configured the gallery parameters, you can view it before publishing by using the Live View feature.
  • Flexible style customization: You are free to design your own style: configure the containers as well as modules.
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x versions

JSN Mobilize has a FREE edition that you can get started with. The best part? It comes with support for Mosets Tree out of the box!

Head on to JSN Mobilize website to learn more or JSN Mobilize demo to see it for yourself.

When you're ready to buy the PRO version, checkout our Partners page to receive a coupon that gives you 25% off JSN Mobilize - an offer that is exclusive to Mosets subscriber.