Mosets Tree 3.6 released - now featuring comprehensive ACL support and social sharing.
Written by CY   
Wednesday, 27 May 2015
We're happy to announce the latest update to Mosets Tree - version 3.6.0.

The biggest update in this release is the comprehensive support for Joomla's Access Control List (ACL). Now you have fine grain control on which user groups has permission to perform tasks within your Mosets Tree directory. This includes permission on creating listings & categories, rating, reviews, contact, recommend, report and claim.

While you can control with what your users can do, what about what your user can see? Well, we have that covered too! With Joomla's View Levels, you can specify the view level for top level categories, listing details and even custom fields! Now you can restrict your listing details page to your special group of suppliers or allow downloads of your floor plan PDFs to a higher privileged user groups.

Social sharing has been one of our top requested feature. In this update, we've added support for sharing through E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. On top of that, we have implemented:

  • Facebook Like button: Let your user share your listings quickly to Facebook by liking a listing.
  • Twitter Card: When your user share your listings through Twitter, Twitter Card will show your listing's image together with your tweet.
  • On Hover Pin It button: Show the Pin It button when your users mouse over your listing images.

We have also given some love to custom fields:

  • Number based field types such as Price, Hits, Visited, Votes, Ratings and Numbers gain additional search options that lets you search for Exact, Contains and the much requested 'From X to Y' format. You also have the option to format the number with configurable number of decimals, decimal point and thousand separator.
  • Tags field type now has a new search option to show as drop down box. Perfect when you want to list all available options but don't want to clutter your search page.
  • Category field type now shows secondary categories.
  • 4 New Core Fields: Contact Person, Mobile, Date and Year are now available as core fields.

Visit Mosets Tree's demo today and check out the new features.

Mosets Tree 3.6.0 is available today. If you are an existing subscriber, you can download it from your Mosets account by logging in to and click at your Mosets Tree subscription ID. Full install and upgrade instructions are also available there.