New top listings module for Mosets Tree 3
Written by CY   
Friday, 29 March 2013
With the most recent Mosets Tree update, version 3.0.6, I've introduced a brand new version of the popular Top Listings module. If you've install 3.0.6, you'll recognize this as "Mosets Tree - Top Listings 3.0". The new Top Listings modules now provides layouts that used to be only possible when you are using Kinabalu site template. Here's a screenshot on the different type of layout possible with the new Top Listings module.

Top Listings module for Mosets Tree 3

When you create a new module instance with this new module, here are some of the few important Options you may want to know:

  • Default (tiles) Layout
    • Flow: The core of this new module comes from the new Tiles layout. Each tile represents a listing. The Flow option here allows you to control if you want the tiles to be laid out vertically (default()) or horizontally.
    • Hide Name: This option does what it says. When set to yes, the name of the listing is hidden in module. This is useful when you only when to show a list of thumbnails.
    • Image Size: Allows you to control the size os the thumbnail shown in the module.
    • Tile's Max Width / Tiles Min. Height: In most situation, the default layout may not be ideal due to the limited or excess space available to a module. These 2 options allows you to fine tune the minimum width or maximum height to achieve the best possible layout. You can enter values in percentage or in pixels. eg: 33% or 200px.

The old version of this module no longer works, you need to migrate to the new version of Top Listings to continue using the module.

I've also updated the Mosets Tree demo site with 3.0.6. You can see the new module in action throughout the directory. Enjoy!