Mosets Tree's Pricing
Our components' pricing structure is easy. The more site subscription you buy from us, the more discount you will get. You don't even need to buy all of them at the same time (if you do, you'll get more discount!), just buy your first subscription and enjoy increment discount the next time you buy again.

# Discount Price per subscription Buy Now
Buy Mosets Tree
2nd - 5th10%$107.10
6th - 10th20%$95.20
11th onwards30%$83.30

Volume Subscription Discount Total Price
5-Pack Subscriptions35%$386.75
Buy Mosets Tree 5-pack subscription

To enjoy the 10% to 30% discounts, purchase the subscription at normal price and contact us right after that. We will refund the discounted amount back to your account.

What's Included

  • Mosets Tree component
  • 13 Site Modules
  • 1 Plugin
  • MT Importer
  • 1 year free upgrade - All upgrades will be free for the duration of 12 months. Beyond the 12 months you may choose to renew the subscription for another 12 months to continue receiving upgrades and support.
  • 1 year support - Support is provided through Priority Support Form.


Purchasing a subscription for Mosets Tree entitles you to 1 year support for a single instance of Mosets Tree. You will also be entitled to 1 year access to download Mosets Tree's core packages and upgrades.

Pricing and Licensing Q&A

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
No - Since our components are delivered with full open source codes, we do not provide refund. We advise you to try our demo before purchasing Mosets Tree. You can also contact us if you have any questions about Mosets Tree.

I can't pay with Paypal or Credit Card, what other payment option do I have?
We also accept payment through Western Union. Please check their website to locate your agent and contact us when you're ready to proceed with this method for our details. Unfortunately, we do not accept wire transfer.

How do I receive the component?
You will receive an e-mail from us containing instructions and all the files (components, modules, plugin and template) immediately after confirmation of your payment from Paypal or 2Checkout. The files can also be downloaded from your Mosets account by logging in at

What are your license terms?
Mosets Tree extension is released under GNU GPL License. The full license terms can be found at

Can I modify the source codes?

Are the source codes encrypted or encoded?
No. When you download the extensions from us, you will receive our components with full source codes.

Do you have more Pre-sales questions about Mosets Tree? Visit the Pre-sales section on Mosets Documentation for more questions and answers. If you still can't find what you're looking for, drop us a mail!


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