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Mosets Tree homepage is the starting page of the component. This is where all the top level categories is shown and an A-Z bar is shown to allow visitors to find their listing faster. The Site template used here comes free with Mosets Tree but you can also use any other Joomla! Site template with Mosets Tree. #1, #2 and #3 are Mosets Tree modules which are completely customizable from the back-end.


  1. Explorer like navigation module to browse all categories.
  2. Allow visitors to search for listing or categories within the directory.
  3. Mosets Tree Main Menu which links to some of the most important pages in the directory.
  4. This is the index of the directory, showing all top level and second level categories.
  5. Listings displayed in summary view. What is shown here is customizable through template parameters and custom fields management.


Mosets Tree

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