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Listing Details

The details page for a listing shows all available information in a single page. All the layout you see here in the Tour is template driven. What this means is you can design you own directory's layout to your heart's content.


  1. If you're logged in and are the owner of the listing, a Edit and Delete button will be shown beside a listing name.
  2. You can define unlimited number of custom fields for your listings and they will appear in a list here by default.
  3. These are what we call action links. Links that allows you to perform action on the listing.
  4. AJAX driven rating.
  5. AJAX driven favourite. Favourites allow user to collect listings and list it in a common page. Great for sharing interesting listings with other users.
  6. The description area can be configured to display plain text or HTML formatted text.
  7. If there is more than one image uploaded to the listing, a link to a gallery will be displayed. Clicking the image here will display a larger version of the image.
  8. Allow user to submit reviews. Owner of a listing can also respond to reviews through by replying the review.


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